David – Current Client

“My experience has been very positive.  My eight apartments have been consistently filled.  Even this year when thousands of new Bloomington apartment have come online in the recent years, this year half are filled and you continue efforts to fill the remainder.  You have checked the condition of each apartment and seen to maintenance and updating of condition, fixtures, and modernizing when appropriate. At the same time you have paid close attention to expense, income and outgo, and conducted  the financial end of the business expeditiously.  I have appreciated your efforts to maintain the entire complex in good condition. You have been timely in responding to my concerns and your demeanor is positive, pleasant, and business like.”


TEMPO Properties INC.
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Our goal is to help clients maximize income, control expenses, and enhance property value.

We consistently offer prompt response to resident issues providing our renters with peace of mind.

We offer a complete line of property management services to community associations, rental and condominium associations.

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